SunCoast RHIO

SunCoast RHIO offers standards based and government certified Products and Services.   We are a "full Service" healthcare technology company offering Managed Services or individual products.

We act as a Technology Logistics Company for Medical Information. We capture it, package it, and distribute it.

Our core products are Quality Reporting, Electronic Audit Response, and Health Information Exchange.

Quality Reporting includes PQRS, QCDR, Inpatient, ACO, and Bundled Payments.

Audit Response includes RAC and RC response including additional documentation requests, appeals, and pre authorization, and pre Claims Submission for Home Health

See our QPP Price list on the CMS Registered Registry, go to page 104 here.

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PQRS, QPP, and MIPS at:


SSL Consumer Site at:   

About RAC and Audit Electronic Response Certified CMS Gateway.

We Now Support and Domains

See our partner analytics page under construction housed at: Suncoast Analytics



For People and Families, we host a website with helpful information that is especially useful during Emergencies.  It  lists FEMA and Red Cross Services.  This site helps find information on loved ones when traveling away from home.  See our Consumer Website.  

For providers that need help with population health, we know the trends; we know the utilization; the prices charged to Medicare and paid to providers; and what Medicare and Private payers reimburse to providers. 

The movement of winter residents to Florida at near 15% of state population, creates changes to the entire State healthcare landscape.  

We support Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration's efforts to promote their patient data query tool at   The “Compare Care” section of gives visitors the ability to access clinical outcome and performance measure data for hospitals, nursing homes, hospice providers, physicians and health plans.

We build Customized "Quality Measure" Websites using software from the Agency for Health Research and Quality (AHRQ). We access, combine, and present data from government websites and sources such as AHRQ, NIH, and CMS, as well as local State, and private local data, generated and supplied by hospitals and clinics. 


We work with our clients to create private data websites for their internal use only, or public facing websites labeled with the AHRQ logo.


All  products and services of SunCoast RHIO can be purchased separately or in packages.


Email us at or call us 1-855-MIPSEHR.

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