SunCoast RHIO

Partners and 3rd Parties, Affiliates and Corporate Friends


Below is a listing of organizations having a relationship with SunCoast RHIO.

We want to thank all of the companies, organizations, and people who are our clients. And to especially thank our original members - those physicians and hospitals who supported us during our early days and remain with us today. 


Legend:  (P) Partner; (R) Reciprocal Affiliate; (C) SunCoast uses this company as a contractor for services to our own firm; (Re) SunCoast has reseller arrangement for one or more services; (D) Discount Arrangement Exists on one or more products/services; (M) Member; (G) Federal, Agency, or other Government Entity; Any other listing not otherwise specified- Friend of Company.

Call us for significant discounts and support on any of our re-seller partners below:



Federal "Blue Button" Personal Health Record Initiative for Consumers - (G)

National Associate of Independent Physician Owned ACO's - (M)

The Eminere Group - Assurance, Advisory, IT Governance, Risk, Compliance - (R) (C)

EMR Direct - "Direct" Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Email HISP - (Re) (C)

Inpriva - "Direct" Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Email HISP 

Open EMR - Open Electronic Medical Records and EHR, Hosted and Site Based - (M)

HIE Networks - Cloud FAX and Printing; Scanning; Storage, Send & Receive - (R) (C) (D)

Sharecare - Previously BACTES Imaging Company (P) (R) (Re) (D)

HIPAA One - Security Risk Assessment (Re)

MedTranDirect - Certified CMS and Commercial Payer Billing (P) (Re) (C)

MDFlow - Practice Management and EHR (R) (Re)

DynamicHealthIT - Technology Solutions for Healthcare (p) (R) (C) (D)

Aris Medical Solutions - Small Practice Security Risk Assessment - (R)

4Med Approved - Online Training Courses in Health Information Technology - (D) (Re) (P)

P3Care - Integrated Billing with PQRS (C)

CADR Plus - Call a Doctor, a Teledoc Company 24X7 Telephone Access to Doctors

MyVirtualDoctor - Telemedicine for ACO's and Medical Practice Offices

Shifox - Electronic Referral, "Direct" Encrypted HIPAA Compliant Email HISP - (R) (P)

Consortium for Universal Health System Metrics - Qualified Clinical Registry - (P)

Fibernet Direct - Broadband Technology 

           Other State:

Florida Agency for Health Care Administration Health Finder - (G)

Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) Florida Hospitals Average Charges - (G)

Health Profile of Florida Counties - Florida Charts - (G)

          Other Federal:

Small Business Administration

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services CMS

Coming Soon: for Medicare and commercial payer information; NCQA for HEDIS Measure Reporting and Medical Home (PCMH) Qualification

Health Hub, Inc., an Affiliate of Suncoast RHIO, soon to Launch

Health Hub Networks for Consumers and Families, and Health Hub Networks for Providers: a combined "one-stop" website linking dependable pricing, cost, and quality health information for consumers with workable electronic solutions for physicians; See our newest offering, HSA Passport, a product that brings together patient payment processing with real time quality reporting at the point of visit upon launch of Health Hub Networks in 2017.